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ILX is setting up an Emerging Market (EM) focused private credit fund that will invest in a diversified portfolio of loan participations originated and structured by bilateral and multilateral Development Finance Institutions (DFIs). These hard currency denominated loan participations provide medium and long-term finance to projects and companies across core sectors, such as infrastructure, renewable energy, agribusiness, manufacturing and financial institutions.

The ILX management company will be owned by Cardano Development, which has over 10 years of experience in establishing and managing innovative development finance funds (AUMs US$3.9 billion over 4 funds, 71 FTEs). The ILX management team has on average over 25 years of senior experience in development finance, capital markets and fund management, including the EBRD, FMO, UBS, ING, ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank.

Through investing in a diversified portfolio of loan participations originated and structured by DFIs, ILX will balance risk and return to create long-term value for its investors as well as to provide its investors with the opportunity to have a positive environmental and social impact across EMs.

As ILX will co-invest with DFIs, that have long-standing development mandates and prudent risk mitigation procedures, its investments go beyond ESG safeguarding and will contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ILX Fund


Scalable US$1 billion unleveraged private credit investment strategy, participating in syndicated Emerging Markets private sector loans, co-investing with leading global Development Finance Institutions

Commercially Attractive

Historical performance analysis of 7000+ DFI-originated private sector EM loans since the 1990’s show that historical returns are comparable to and less volatile than comparable credit asset classes such as EMD, HY and LF

Sustainable investments (ESG & SDG)

ILX will identify, measure and report SDG-related results in a uniform manner, leveraging DFI reporting practices. For all investments, ILX will avoid, minimize and mitigate potential ESG negative risks, building on DFI safeguarding

Dedicated Fund Manager

ILX will be managed by a diverse team with on average over 20 years of experience in global investments, EM, private debt, impact and development finance, and will implement a disciplined and specialized investment process.

Additional Diversification

DFI-originated loans, which are mainly arranged in markets that are under-represented in the EM bond markets, show low correlation to global credit shocks

Scalable & Long Term Asset Class

The ILX strategy provides a scalable long-term investment opportunity, initially establishing a USD 1 billion investment portfolio, invested within 3 years and with the goal to become a multi-billion evergreen fund

Global Pipeline & Access

ILX will be unique in selectively participating in syndicated private sector  loans originated by all global DFIs that are seeking institutional co-financing.


USD million Fund Size
Years of historical Development Finance Asset Class data

The ILX investment strategy provides institutional investors access to attractive private credit investments with demonstrable SDG-targeted development impact across Emerging Markets. The SDGs have clearly identified the need for substantial additional long-term private sector financing for the Emerging Markets. ILX provides institutional investors efficient access to these opportunities by leveraging the well-established development finance infrastructure of the DFIs.


ILX will invest in syndicated loans originated and structured by DFIs, thereby co-investing pari-passu with these DFIs in high-impact private sector loans in EMs. As an independent manager, ILX will apply a disciplined investment process to source, analyse and select loans originated by all leading DFIs. This results in a scalable investment strategy and a well-diversified portfolio optimised to achieve the fund’s investment objectives.

Sustainability Strategy

ILX’s sustainability strategy is fully integrated with its investment strategy and is based on three key pillars aiming to safeguard the ESG risks and measure the SDG contribution of every investment.


ILX, as a founding member of the Operating Principles for Impact Management, discloses its alignment with the 9 principles, which act as a guiding framework to integrate impact management best practices throughout the investment lifecycle


Link to ILX's Disclosure Statement

Please click here for ILX’s Disclosure Statement

ILX Fund


With its multi-originator model ILX has sufficient pipeline to build-up a well diversified portfolio across different sectors.

Dedicated Fund Manager


ILX will be managed by a uniquely experienced team with on average over 20-years of global investment, EM and development finance experience, alongside the Cardano Development group’s other EM focused funds

  • Manfred Schepers

    Manfred is leading the ILX initiative and brings 30+ years’ experience in both development finance and international capital markets. From 2006-2016 he was President …

  • Joost Zuidberg

    Joost has been with Cardano Development since its inception, as the CEO of the TCX Investment Management Company from 2007. Since early 2015, his …

    CEO Cardano Development
  • Tanja Pelle

    Tanja is an accomplished international emerging markets professional with over 25 years of experience in investment banking, development finance and private equity fund structuring …

  • Magchiel Groot

    Magchiel is a Senior Advisor to the ILX Fund with a prime responsibility for sourcing, analysing and executing transactions for the Fund’s portfolio. He …

    Magchiel Groot
    Senior Advisor
  • Jordy van der Drift

    Jordy is responsible for assessing the financial risk versus performance of development finance loans. Prior to joining ILX, Jordy worked as a consultant at …

    Investment Manager
  • Luz Martinez

    Luz is responsible for designing and implementing the impact investment strategy. Prior to joining ILX Luz advised UN´s capital investment agency and worked at …

    Senior Sustainability Officer
  • Matthijs de Kempenaer

    Matthijs is supporting the activities related to the operational setup of the fund and fund manager. Prior to joining ILX, Matthijs worked as a …

    Matthijs de Kempenaer
  • Jeroen Zuurmond

    Jeroen is a senior advisor to ILX with over 25 years experience in investment management and investment banking, with particular expertise in the loan …

    Senior Advisor
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